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Monday, January 10, 2011

Fried Apples

It Was a Really Tasty Meal – and Cheap to Boot
by Barbara Henderson

Let’s pretend that…..
You are not in the middle of a disaster…
You don’t need to eat out of a pantry of stored food…
You feel really good….
you just want to have an easy meal that tastes good and is relatively cheap.
Here is an idea.

Fried Apples (The desert recipe is first because I love dessert before and after a meal. I am thinking of starting a ‘dessert first’ club – or maybe just a group on facebook.)

6-8 medium apples sliced and cored but not peeled
½ to 1 stick of butter or some sort of cooking oil
cinnamon to taste
sugar – to taste

Heat skillet and butter
add apples and fry on medium heat until tender
I add the cinnamon while frying because it makes the house smell good
When apples are tender add sugar – probably around a scant ½ cup – but however you like it.

Cook just until sugar is melted

Hide a bowl for yourself later. Then share the rest evenly with the family.
It is good served as just fried apples, or served over plain cake, or over ice cream, or ice cream and cake.

I used fresh apples, but you can also use frozen apples. My mom used to put up bags of apples in the freezer before the black bears broke down all the apple trees. She would fry them by the gallon when she had company. The apples in the photo were Braubern apples. They were on sale for fifty cents a pound at the grocery store. I may go back tomorrow and get some for the freezer. My favorite apple is Fuji, but any apple will work. If you have an apple tree, that is great!

This recipe is for an easy dessert. The next recipe is for chicken and dumplings, which would be the main course. I believe in eating dessert both before and after a meal. Oh, I already said that didn't I.

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