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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Boneless Beef Ribs

This is one of the most versatile meals you can cook. It is great served as a roast like meal, or for bbq sandwiches. I actually prefer this type of beef to almost any other cut of beef. It seems to consistently cook up more tender and flavorful than any other cut.

If you haven't tried it before, you are missing a treat.

Ingredients - 2 or 3 pounds of boneless beef ribs per meal.
Salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste.

Cook in iron skillet (with the lid on) on stove or in oven.
If you cook on the stove top - cook very slowly for several hours until falling apart tender.

If you cook in the oven, cook at 275 or 300 degrees until tender. It will take several hours either way.

I did not add any water because they just seem to cook out enough juice.

Either oven or stove top, you can cook hotter to begin with just to get the meat warm and starting to cook. Then lower the heat so it will cook slowly.

This is a great meal to cook with two or more meals in mind. So, if you want a very easy meal or two in the freezer, buy around 5 to 8 pounds depending on how many people you feed at each meal.

Meal number one is just like a normal roast, but the meat is quite a bit more tender and I think tastier.

To go with the day one meal, you can add potatoes to the meat when it is about half done, or make instant potatoes or whatever you have on hand and your family will eat.

When you serve the meal, just put out whatever amount provides a good serving for everyone eating. It is great with rolls and any vegetalbe. If you put it all on the table at once, people will tend to overeat and you won't have any leftovers to freeze for later.

Take the rest of the meat and pull it apart for bar-b-que. It is easier to thaw up later if it is already pulled apart. If you prefer sliced, then you need to cool it so it will slice more easily. Divide the juice in the pan among the number of meals you are freezing.

When you don't have time to cook or just need a break from cooking, thaw up the meat and serve with your favorite bar-b-que sause, buns, and chips.

I like the meat in bigger and thicker chunks. Sometimes is only available thin sliced. If I can only get the thin sliced, I find it cooks nice, but it takes less time. It is easier to make a skillet meal with meat and potaotes than if it is thick. If I am trying to cook enough for more than one meal, I have to have the thick.

In the photo I did one serving with the meat pulled apart for a bbq sandwich or to eat plain. The potatoes have just a couple of spoonfuls of the juice that cooked out of the meat. The roll is a potato roll. The family is free to make a sandwich or eat with a fork.

I like to give options to the individual when a meal is served, like eating it as a sandwich or a plate meal. The problem with cooking is that the cook often can't even decide what he or she wants to eat for supper, and they sure can't second guess what every family member is going to want for supper that night. So, the more options with a meal, the more likely everyone is to find the meal filling and satisfying.

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Happy eating.


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