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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cheese Toast - Easy - Quick - Tasty

Cheese Toast

It was a series of eating events that led to cheese toast for supper. It was my night to be lazy. We were supposed to have store bought chicken pot pie for supper, and that particular brand happens to be very good chicken pot pie. They are not as good as my homemade pot pies, but they are good. So, this is what happened. Someone in the house ate chicken pot pie for lunch every day that week, so when I went to the freezer to get out pot pies, there were no pot pies. A few questions to key people in the house, a couple of phone calls to someone at work, and the mystery was solved.

It was sort of a dilemma because we had promised the grandkids that we were staying home that evening and watching movies. It is also a given that we eat at approximately the same time every evening because every single family member tends to get grumpy if they don’t eat on time. There wasn’t anything I could thaw up to cook. So, it was a case of finding something that was available immediately. I looked around the kitchen and there it was, a loaf of bread that was still in date, but not as fresh as I prefer it to be.

I looked in the refrigerator for something to go on the bread, and the only thing that was really there was cheese. I cannot imagine who might like a cheese only sandwich on stale bread. So, cheese toast was the obvious option.

The good news is that cheese toast is actually very tasty, relatively healthy, and super easy.

You need bread and cheese and an oven with a broiler setting.

Bread means any bread that you have on hand, or your favorite bread,.
Cheese means any cheese that you have on hand, or whatever cheese you like.

Put the bread in the oven and toast the top of the bread. It only takes a couple of minutes – so don’t get distracted by anything. If you are working with the last part of a loaf of bread you don’t have the option to burn the first batch.

When the bread is as brown as you like it, remove the pan from the over, flip the bread over, put your sliced cheese on top of the bread, and put it back in the oven.

Watch it closely. When the cheese melts, it is done. Take it out of the oven and eat it while it is hot. If you want something more than just cheese toast, open a can of soup.
If you happen to have ham, toast ham on a slice of bread. When the bread is toasted slap the two slices together and you have a great sandwich.

Don’t confuse cheese toast with a grilled cheese sandwich. That is an entirely different meal.

The toast in the photo was made on gluten free bread for one grandson. The little fingers pinching a bit off the edge of the toast are his.

Ultimately, it was a filling meal. Everyone was satisfied, and we had a very nice evening at home just like we planned.

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